TV News Network (TNN)



No Experience/ Qualification Required.

TV News Network (TNN) A division of "The Anti-Corruption Press" Newspaper. is an independent, non-partisan news service Our mission: To inform, enlighten and entertain people everywhere so as to improve the quality of their lives. TV News Network (R) is India's only media group, which is engaged in spreading awareness among common masses against the growing menace of Human Rights violations, corruption, terrorism, injustice, crime against women, dowry, land grabbing/ encroachments, lawlessness, load shedding, water and civic amenities woes etc. TV News Network provides the most powerful platform for anyone, from general public, who wants to join our mass campaign by joining as TV News Reporter etc.

For the eradication of all social evils and other problems, you can contribute by reporting such incidents. You can cover these incidents by any mobile phone camera/ digital cameras/ video clippings/ still photographs and send it to the TV News Network Headquarters.

The management of TV News Network will analysis the contents of the clippings , for authenticity and relevance of the news .

The selected clippings/ news will be made available to leading news channels of the country for broadcasting purposes. The approved clippings/ news/ reports send to us by our members, will get Rs. 5,000/- to 25,000/-

Conditions apply*

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